The MasterEdit

The Master appeared in the serial The Plot, played by Anthony Ainley. He programmed the Daleks to obey him, but The Doctor unprogrammed them and they sensed The Master as an intruder. He then evacuated with the use of a teleport before setting the Daleks' base on a countdown to explode.

The DaleksEdit

The Daleks appeared in the serial The Plot in their Classic form. They were programmed to obey The Master until The Doctor unprogrammed them. They then sensed The Master as an intruder and he evacuated with the use of a teleport, before setting the Daleks' base on a coundown to explode. The base exploded after The Doctor and Sylvia speedly exited the building and all Daleks were said to have not survived the blow. However, one heavily damaged survivor fought through the smoke and used an emergency temporal shift to an unknown place.


The last surviving Drashig appeared in the serial Monsters in the Water who attacked a ship in order to build itself a new family causing it to begin sinking. It was later defeated by Sylvia, however when The Doctor and Sylvia leave in the TARDIS, an egg left on board, probably of which belonged to the Drashig, cracks and a baby Drashig pops out.


The Skargorians were a species of alien spiders which lived on the popular planet Skargoro where they feasted on tourists. They featured in Attack of the Spiders  when a space station crew arrive on the planet after speculations on abnormal activity and disappearances of there neighbour crews. The Skargorians blew up the planet and most of the crew except for Adam and Katie, however Katie died shortly after being found the Doctor and Sylvia. Another crew arrives to also investigate alien activity and The Doctor tells them to leave, however they don't. They are then warned by the Skarogrians that another explosion is on its way however the crew doesn't believe it. After The Doctor disconnects there control system they decided to kill the crew manually, and the crew disappear one by one.

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